Parking: Yichang
   last major update: 2012

Parking standard minimum spaces - office, centre:  1.0/100m2     (Apr-2014)
Parking standard minimum spaces - residential, suburban:  0.6/100m2   same standards as city center  (Apr-2014)
Parking standard for bicycles:  0   no bike parking requirements  (Apr-2014)
Number of formal parking spaces on-street:  20,000   estimate  (Sep-2012)
Parking price/hour at city center shopping mall:  5 yuan   Wanda Plaza  (Apr-2014)
Parking price/day at city center shopping mall:  30 yuan     (Apr-2014)
Highest parking price for on street parking places:  3 yuan/hr   maximum 15yuan/day  (Apr-2014)
Maximum monthly price for residential off-street parking:  180-360 yuan   Guideline by Price Bureau: covered parking: 250rmb, open-air parking: 150, mechanical parking: 300. Maximum price allowed is 120% of this guideline.  (Apr-2014)
Maximum on-street parking price set by Price Bureau:  3 yuan/hour   Maximum 15yuan/day  (Apr-2013)
Vehicle emission-based parking policies:  No     (Apr-2014)
Fine for parking on walkway:  200 yuan   illegal parking barely enforced  (Apr-2014)
Fine for exceeding on-street time limits:  no fines     (Sep-2012)
Parking management agency:  Urban Management Office in cooperation with Traffic Police     (Sep-2012)