Fine for exceeding on-street time limits

Zurich between 50CHF (RMB350) and 100CHF (RMB700)   (Jul-12)
Copenhagen 510 krones   (Apr-11)
Kuala Lumpur 300 MYR   (Jun-14)
Utrecht 54 euro plus one hour of parking fee   (Apr-12)
Amsterdam 53.90 euro plus one hour of parking fee   (Apr-11)
Stockholm 475 SEK   (Jul-12)
Barcelona 30 euro   (Apr-11)
Mexico City 299 peso + 180 if towed away   (Jul-12)
Antwerp 23 euro   (Jun-11)
Beijing 200 yuan and 3 points   (Oct-17)
Tianjin 200 yuan   (Jul-13)
Nanjing 100 yuan   (Jul-13)
Wuhan 100 yuan   (Jun-13)
Johor Bahru 30 MYR   (Mar-14)
Foshan no fines   (Sep-12)
Guangzhou no fines  charge by every half hour (Jan-21)
Harbin no fines   (Sep-12)
Lanzhou no fines   (Jun-13)
Urumqi no fines   (Sep-12)
Yichang no fines   (Sep-12)