Parking: Stockholm
   last major update: 2011

Continued paid on-street parking at night   At train station (full price) and in city center (at reduced rate)
Vehicle emission-based parking policies   Electric vehicles park for free. Low-emission and ethanol cars could park for free until 2009. Nowadays these vehicles make up 15% of traffic, so this policy was cancelled
Parking standard minimum spaces - residential, centre:  0.14/room   assumed: 3 rooms  (Jun-2011)
Number of formal parking spaces on-street:  32,000     (Jul-2012)
Highest parking price for on street parking places:  40 SEK/hr   40 SEK/hr  (Jun-2012)
Fine for parking on walkway:  900 SEK     (Jul-2012)
Fine for exceeding on-street time limits:  475 SEK     (Jul-2012)