Parking: Zurich
   last major update: 2011

Area parking supply caps   number of parking places in city center was frozen in 1996
Parking regulations based on public transport availability   Lower parking requirements are set for locations close to tram or bus stops
Zoning structure for off-street parking prices   Three areas, based on public transport access
Flexible prices based on duration of on-street parking   progressive prices: on-street parking prices rise more when parking longer
Parking standard minimum spaces - residential, centre:  0.83/100m2   1 space/120m2  (Jul-2012)
Parking standard minimum spaces - office, centre:  0.83/100m2     1/120 m2 first 500m2; then 1/210m2  (Jul-2012)
Highest parking price for on street parking places:  5 CHF/hr   5 CHF/hr  (Jun-2012)
Fine for exceeding on-street time limits:  between 50CHF (RMB350) and 100CHF (RMB700)     (Jul-2012)