Parking: Zurich
   last major update: 2011

Parking standard minimum spaces - residential, centre:  0.83/100m2   1 space/120m2  (Jul-2012)
Parking standard minimum spaces - office, centre:  0.83/100m2   1 space/120 m2 for the first 500m2; above 500m2 1 parking space/210m2  (Jul-2012)
Highest parking price for on street parking places:  33 yuan/hr   5 CHF/hr  (Jun-2012)
Maximum monthly price for residential off-street parking:  133 yuan   20 CHF/month (on-street) - set by municipal government  (Jun-2012)
Fine for exceeding on-street time limits:  between 50CHF (RMB350) and 100CHF (RMB700)     (Jul-2012)