Parking regulations based on public transport availability

  Amsterdam      [2011]
  Antwerp      [2011]
  Beijing      [2017]
  Budapest      [2012]
  Copenhagen    Areas around metro system has lower parking requirements. Yearly reduction of CBD parking spaces by 3%.  [2011]
  Foshan      [2012]
  Guangzhou      [2017]
  Harbin      [2012]
  Hong Kong    CBD office buildings can decide not to provide any parking at all  [2012]
  Jiuquan      [2013]
  Johor Bahru      [2013]
  Kunming      [2011]
  Lanzhou      [2012]
  London      [2011]
  New York      [2012]
  Paris    Parking not required in new developments within 500m of transit station  [2011]
  San Francisco      [2011]
  Seoul    Lower parking minimums are set in central/transit-rich areas  [2011]
  Singapore    Lower parking requirements for non-residential buildings in central and transit-rich areas  [2011]
  Tianjin      [2012]
  Utrecht      [2012]
  Wuhan      [2011]
  Yichang      [2012]
  Zurich    Lower parking requirements are set for locations close to tram or bus stops  [2011]