Parking: London
   last major update: 2011

Parking standard minimum spaces - residential, centre:  0/unit   <1 for units with 1 or 2 beds; 1-1.5 for units with 3 beds; 1.5-2 per unit with 4 or more beds. These are maximums  (Jul-2012)
Parking standard minimum spaces - office, centre:  1.0/1000-1500m2     this is a maximum  (Jul-2012)
Parking price/hour at city center shopping mall (midday Saturday):  10 pounds     Harrods area  (Nov-2017)
Highest parking price for on street parking places:  4.40 GBP/hr   4.40 GBP/hr  (Jun-2012)
Fine for parking on walkway:  130 GBP   50% discounts for quick payment  (Jul-2012)